Saturday, 19 July 2014

Introduction to Woodbine Books

Woodbine Books is my trade name. The 'Woodbine' in the title is not the rough-cut cigarettes much favoured in the early to mid 20th century, but the greener, climbing, tenacious variety you find in gardens, particularly mine.

I've been a bookseller for 18 years and am a member of the UK book trade associations: PBFA, FPBA, and also the Private Libraries Association. This means I  abide by a professional code of conduct in relation to fair and knowledgeable market prices, accurate descriptions of books, efficient communication with customers, and secure mail packaging. 

I'm based in West Yorkshire and work from home. Right now, I'm looking across to a rain drenched Ilkley Moor. I sell my books almost exclusively online, currently via, and because many of my books are fine press and limited editions, I rarely sell them at book fairs, as they can get damaged in the process. This means that my stock remains in very good condition

As just mentioned, I have a special interest in fine art, private press, designer bindings and limited edition books. Books with contemporary wood engravings are a particular favourite of mine.

Wood engraving by Simon Brett
You can visit my Woodbine Books website:  Woodbine Books
I've written a few articles on fine press, designer bindings and wood engravings here on this blog and will be adding to these articles in the months ahead.